The Rapist by Brian Boru

The Rapist by Brian Boru

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This a story of the day to day routine of two, "Beat Cops" and how through a series of events, through good police work and partially through pure luck, they bring a serial rapist to justice.

While this a pure work of fiction, the stories portrayed are based on real events.

"I loved this book! I can't imagine the challenges today's police officers have to face on a daily basis. This book has a face-paced story line & yet it's an easy read. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I highly recommend it."


First and most importantly, I enjoyed your book. It was easy to read, the characters were realistic, the story line was easy to follow, and it kept my interest as well as anticipating what was going to happen next. It was interesting to read the progression of the rookie and the veteran policeman from strangers, to partners, to friends. In summation, good job and I hope there is another book to come.......

Allyson... Pittsburgh, PA